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LaTeX Printing Media Vinyl Film Roll Self Adhesive Permanent glue

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: K2
Model Number: HK203

Detail Information

Type:: Printable Self-adhesive Material Common Ground:: LaTeX Printing
Category:: Car Stickers, Window Stickers, Metal Film, Wall Stickers Backing Paper: Double-sprinkling Backing Paper
Glue:: Permanent Glue/Removable Glue Place Of Manufacture:: China
High Light:

Media Self Adhesive Vinyl Film Roll


LaTeX Vinyl Film Roll


Glue Printable Permanent Vinyl

Product Description

Large format LaTeX printing self-adhesive media vinyl film roll
Product Introduction:
To meet different printing requirements on the market, such as oil-based ink printing, water-based ink printing, LaTeX printing, and so on. K2 will try its best to be compatible with different printing needs. For products that are not compatible, K2 will launch corresponding products to satisfy customers. The following are the car stickers, window stickers, one-way vision perforated window stickers, and metal car stickers that K2 can print with LaTeX. , wall stickers, etc.
Product parameter:

HK203GDouble PE coated self-adhesive vinyl80 Micron/3.2mil140gsm Double PE
HK206GRDouble PE coated self-adhesive vinyl Grey glue Removable100micron/4mil160gsm Double PE
HK211GRDouble PE coated self-adhesive vinyl Polymeric grey glue removable80micron/3.2mil160gsm 2PE Air channel
HK212GRDouble PE coated self-adhesive vinyl Monomeric grey glue removable100micron/4mil160gsm 2PE air channel
HK208Double PE coated polymeric vinyl80micron/3.2mil160gsm CCK paper
BK206GHigh tack Double PE coated vinyl100micron/4mil140gsm Double PE
GK500XPremium printable perforated Window graphics vinyl180micron/7mil180gsm composite liner
GK400TXClear window perforated Window graphics vinyl140micron/5.5mil2layer, 2PE
HK005TOptically clear window graphics film100micron/4milPET liner 120micron/4.7mil
C2000GSMirror metallic printable wrapping for the car(19 colors)90micron/3.5mil140gsm Double PE coated
CKS03Wall textile sticker fabric base and self-adhesive media wallpaper130micron/5.1mil140gsm Double PE

Printable self-adhesive double PE coated vinyl roll
Roll of self-adhesive material based on printable layer, PE double liner, grey/clear strong adhesive. To meet different usage needs, K2 can support customization for material wear resistance, glue color, and glue viscosity strength. Just tell us your needs, and K2's amateurs will recommend the most suitable products for you.
Such products are often used for indoor and outdoor advertising printing, display board printing materials, surface decoration materials, packaging materials, and so on.

HK203GDouble PE coated self-adhesive vinyl/LaTeX
HK206GRDouble PE coated self-adhesive vinylGrey glue RemovableLaTeX
HK211GRDouble PE coated self-adhesive vinylPolymeric grey glue removableLaTeX
HK212GRDouble PE coated self-adhesive vinylMonomeric grey glue removableLaTeX
HK208Double PE coated self-adhesive vinylpolymericLaTeX
BK206GDouble PE coated self-adhesive vinylHigh tackLaTeX

Printable self-adhesive Window graphics vinyl roll
LaTeX printable roll of self-adhesive material specially designed for glass door and window surfaces. Including perforated one-way vision window stickers, transparent printable window stickers, etc. It is an excellent choice for window decoration materials to meet different usage needs, whether it is an office/public place or a home.

GK500XPrintable self-adhesive Window graphics vinylPremium perforatedLaTeX
GK400TXPrintable self-adhesive Window graphics vinylClear perforatedLaTeX
HK005TPrintable self-adhesive Window graphics vinylOptically clearLaTeX

Printable metallic Air guide groove paint protection film for car
The car paint protection film material roll is specially designed and developed for car color changing, including glossy car color changing film series and matte car color changing film series, the surface is chrome-plated, similar to K2's 2000P series of printable metallic color car film products. However, the biggest feature of the C2000P series is that to meet the needs of automobile installation, the C2000P metal film has an air guide groove on the back, which makes the installation of the product less difficult.

C2000GSMirror metallic printable wrapping film for the car(19 colors)Gold, glossy, Air egress, car wrapLaTeX


Printable Fabric textile self-adhesive high tack wallpaper film
The wall sticker material specially launched for interior wall decoration, based on the fabric material, will have an oil painting effect after printing. It is often used for interior decoration painting printing, art gallery display, exhibition board materials, etc. The ultra-high adhesive energy is suitable for most indoor walls and is not easy to fall off.

CKS03Textile sticker fabric base and self-adhesive media wallpaperFabric textileLaTeX

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