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Printable Removable self-adhesive high tack vinyl

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: K2
Model Number: WK01

Detail Information

Composition: White Vinyl Material: PVC
Thickness: 60mic Shrinkage After Application: <0.5%
Adhesive Type: High Tack Adhesive Removable Ability: Permanent Clear (Grey Available)
180 Degree Peel (24hr): >100N/inch Type: Silicon PE Coating Paper
Weight: 140g Release Force: 25
SA Rate: 80%

Product Description

Printable Removable self-adhesive high tack vinyl


Product Introduction:

This high tack vinyl printable self-adhesive roll is composed of smooth white calendered vinyl and high tack adhesive and release liner. The high tack vinyl can be printed by the most popular large format printers. The main characteristic of high tack vinyl is its high viscosity, which ensures that the vinyl can be stuck on any difficult-to-stick surfaces, such as cement surfaces, asphalt, building walls, trash cans, wood surfaces, matte glass, etc.


Product parameter:

Item No. Name FILM Adhesive
WK01 Printable high tack vinyl roll 100mic >100N/inch


Name. High tack printable vinyl adhesive roll
Film Composition White vinyl
Material PVC
Thickness 100mic
Shrinkage after application <0.5%
Adhesive Adhesive Type high tack adhesive
Removable ability Permanent clear (Grey available)
Thickness 60mic
180 degree Peel (24hr) >100N/inch
Liner Type Silicon PE coating paper
Weight 140g
Release force 25
SA rate 80%


Use scenario:

High-tack vinyl is mainly applied to hard-to-tack surfaces, such as road asphalt surfaces, cement pillars, matte plastics, petroleum pipes, building walls, or other applications that require strong bonding.


Product advantages:

  • >100N super high tack adhesion, not easy to fall after the vinyl is pasted
  • Soft vinyl film, not only can be pasted on flat surfaces but also curved areas, such as the surface of a pipe or a column
  • Printable, compatible with most wide format printers, suitable for eco, solvent UV, and latex printing
  • The outdoor service life of more than 3 years


Printable Removable self-adhesive high tack vinyl 0

High tack vinyl rolls

Printable Removable self-adhesive high tack vinyl 1

Grayback high tack vinyl

Printable Removable self-adhesive high tack vinyl 2

High tack printable vinyl

Printable Removable self-adhesive high tack vinyl 3

High tack vinyl




  • Can high tack printable vinyl stick on a Cement surface after printing?

Yes, it can be pasted on the cement surface. Due to the super high tack adhesion over 100N, this adhesive vinyl can be stuck on almost any surface without falling. Including super difficult to paste surfaces, such as Asphalt, Matte plastic, Building the wall, and even solidified soil, stones and bricks can be pasted well.


  • Is the K2 high tack vinyl product a series or just one item product?

K2 has a series of high-tack printable vinyl products, including high-tack adhesion more than 20N, then 25N, then 30N, and then 100N. You can choose products according to your different applications. If you need samples, please contact our online sales team or email us.


  • Will the high tack ability drop after printing?

Regardless of the printing method, the high tack ability of the glue will not be affected after printing, so you can use any type’s printer or printing way freely.


  • Is there any cold laminating film used with high-tack vinyl together?

Yes, if you use this high-tack printable vinyl on the road ground and hope to have an anti-slip effect, our FK01-R can play a very good protective role. For details about this laminating, you can refer to its webpage or contact sales to request samples or a technical datasheet.


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