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UV PVC Custom Removable Floor Decals R10 Outdoor Self Adhesive Vinyl

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: K2
Model Number: WK03

Detail Information

Type: Release Film Samples: Yes
Place Of Origin: China Application: Digital Printing
Durability: 2-3years Advantage: Fast Dry
Waterproof: Yes/ Size: 0.914/1.07/1.27/1.37/1.52*50m
High Light:

UV custom removable floor decals


PVC custom removable floor decals


R10 outdoor floor decals

Product Description

WK03 is an indoor and short-term outdoor self-adhesive vinyl film that is used for interior/exterior printable floor advertising graphics signs, wood floor, tile, marble, or another floor surface. The primary market for this product is the printable floor sign or decoration market. It has a high anti-skid rating of R10, in addition, this printable floor adhesive graphics film can be printed directly without the need for lamination film to protect the surface.

WK03 printable floor graphics film is comprised of an Anti-slip super matte white vinyl with High-tack clear removable adhesive and a PE coating silicon release paper.


Compared with the common printable self-adhesive floor graphics vinyl film, What is the difference between WK03?
a) It can be printed directly, does not need lamination protective film. Thus it is not only convenient for installing, but also cost-effective.

b) High-level Anti-slip. R10 anti-skid standard, it is a very safe product whether it is posted in the mall or other places.

c) It can be washed directly by the water. easy maintenance.

d) It can be pasted on the most popular floor surface, such as carpet, wood floor, marble floor, plastic, metal floor, wall, etc.

e) The installation is very easy, no need for professional workers to complete the installation and dismantling quickly, without the help of many professional tools.

f) The paste is very firm, which will not cause problems such as warping and popping.

g) 230mic tear and damage resistant film, not easy to damage after long use.

h) Easy to print, suitable for most of the current wide format printers.




● 230micron thickness stretching PVC, anti-damage.

● Anti-slip, super-matte surface.

● Removable adhesive, easy installing and removing.

● Compatible Solvent, ECO, UV Printing.

● The soft stretchable film, suitable for indented surfaces and simple corners.

● Print directly, don't need lamination film.

● Easy installing and removing.



Item No.


Vinyl thickness



Anti-slip printable Floor graphics film (R10)


120g release paper


● Width: 1.27/1.37/1.52m.

● Thickness: 230micron.

● Length: 50m or Bespoke.

● Packing: Carton Box.

Usage area:

WK03 printable floor graphics are intended for making graphics in the following area
● Interior printable floor graphics sign

● Short-term outdoor floor graphics sign

● Carpet floor sign

● Building wall sign or decoration

● Another flat area that needs a high-tack solution and matte surface


Shelf life:
1 year in material's original packaging, the storage temperature of 15-22 deg C, relative humidity of 50~55%

2 years service life indoor.




This printable floor graphics vinyl roll is not recommended for the following applications:

  • The surfaces of substrates are solvent cleaned, grease, silicone coating which affect the adhesion of the glue.

  •  The surface which demands the removable adhesive 




Why us?
1. Technology

When designing the WK03 non-slip printable floor graphics film, we focused on ease of use and cost-effectiveness, as well as some necessary functions such as damage prevention and non-slip.

In the current market, the common anti-slip(R10)  printable floor printing materials are printed with a picture on the cold laminating film, so it is necessary to add one more material and one more process, the cost will increase a lot, and the ease of use will decrease. Focusing on such a market position, we have processed the surface of the printable floor self-adhesive material through our technology, so that it can be directly printed and has a high anti-slip function. In addition, we process glue through our technology to make this anti-slip printable floor film easy to install on the floor surface of most materials. The following is its technical data sheet for your reference. If you have more technical questions, please contact the K2 sales team via your email, and they will help you contact our engineers for further services.




Anti Slip white vinyl






230 micron




Adhesive Type

Pressure-sensitive, solvent

Removable ability

Permanent/ Removable can be chosen



180 degree Peel (24hr)




PE coating silicon art paper



Release force


SA rate



Solvent, ECO, Latex, UV

2. Price

Is wk03 printable floor map film expensive?

Do not. Price is the main competitive point of this product, so it is not only cheap but also very economical.


3. Quality

Is the WK03 printable non-slip flooring material reliable?

absolute. K2's quality concept is always stable and reliable. Therefore, WK03 printable self-adhesive floor film is not only a cheap product but also a very good quality product. We are responsible for all defective products. So don't worry.


4. Products with quality problems

 Although the product with quality problems is a small probability, if it is a quality problem, we will take responsibility. We provide products, don't shirk responsibility. Our goal is to establish long-term cooperative relationships with customers and grow together, not a one-time transaction. During the COVID-19 epidemic, we sold a large number of WK03 printable floor warning label material roll products, and there were no quality problems.


5. Lead-time

Our delivery time is related to the order quantity and season (in some sales seasons, the delivery time will be slightly longer, such as 20 days). Therefore, you'd better contact the K2 salesperson to confirm the detailed delivery time. They will provide you with professional services. For WK03 printed floor label material rolls, we currently have stock, so the delivery time is fast.


More about K2
1. Producing Capacity

Although we are a manufacturer specializing in the production of large-format self-adhesive films and coating products and have many rolls of printable floor warning materials with different characteristics, we are not a very large company. Our monthly production capacity is 5 million meters per month. If you have a large project that exceeds our existing capacity, we can quickly add production lines. Specialization and customization are our market positioning.


2. Serviceability

K2 believes that the product itself is a kind of service, but the product itself is not equal to the whole service. We believe that service is not just about the salesman or sales department, but about all the K2 team. So, choosing K2 is equal to choosing a team to serve you.


3. Certifications

The certificate does not represent the whole of our capability but is part of the approval of 3rd party organizations. Therefore, we provide the following certificates for your reference: Reach SVHC, CA65, SGS ROHS, HP Latex, TUV anti-slipping level. If you need special certificates for your customized products, we are willing to provide customization for you. Just contact the K2 sales team and you'll get feedback quickly.

The following is WK03 printable floor graphics vinyl Anti-slip SGS certification. Hope it is helpful to learn more about this printable floor film.


4. More

No more, but many more. We are grateful to our customers for the opportunity to work with the K2 team together, whatever they are global famous companies or small companies, whether they are from North America, Europe, Australia, Japan, or other regions. It is the customer's trust that enables K2 to grow quickly. We are also looking forward to welcoming all new partners to join our partnership and to grow together. Only you, K2 grew and is growing, so thanks all of you.



1. What is printable floor graphics?
Printable Floor graphics are a type of advertising product, also known as advertising floor stickers. It is usually used to display on the ground of various supermarkets and shopping malls.


2. What are the types of printable floor stickers?
Printable Floor graphics are divided into wear-resistant matte floor stickers, wear-resistant twill floor graphics, industrial grade, etc.

3. How to clean the printable floor graphics?
Two methods can clean the printable floor graphics easily.
1. Use glue remover (tar pitch remover), spray irrigation, dissolve, the cost is not expensive...


4. What ink is this product suitable for?

These printable floor graphics films can be printed by Solvent, ECO, UV printer.

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